An online marketing company specialized in SEO,
lead generation and website optimization.



Epicorns is a dynamic online marketing company specialized in SEO. We provide high-value online leads through various websites and sectors, to plenty of different partners. Our online marketing services also includes website optimization for Wordpress websites, offering a full performance optimization.

Epicorns was founded in the beginning of 2016, focusing mainly in affiliation. The founders of Epicorns are a real sauna devoted Finn: Nina, and Jaume, a typical paella loving guy from Spain. Nowadays the company has grown to become a team of over 40 people, from over 7 different countries and nationalities. The headquarters of the company is based in Andorra, but majority of the team works from abroad.

We love what we do

That´s why we´re good at it!



Nowadays, the Search Engine Optimization, or also known as SEO is a must for all businesses working online.

Having a good presence in Google, Bing, Yahoo… will guarantee customers and leads with a relatively low cost.

Who doesn’t want to have their website in a #1 position for their own and specific keywords?

For that reason, our core business is SEO. We have a team of really experienced SEO Experts that have many years of experience within the most competitive markets. That´s why we´re able to reach very good positions for websites in the Search Engines regardless of the market.


Full performance website optimization for websites build in Wordpress.

The team behind Epicorns are experts in Wordpress websites since many years. With experience of over 1000 websites, we are now able to provide optimization of Wordpress websites. With the end results of reaching top performances in all indicator tools, including the most popular Google PageSpeed Insights.

In addition to full performance optimization we also offer the possibility to move the website to a Litespeed server with LS Cache, CDN and the service to optimize your e-mail deliverability.



We provide high quality online leads through different SEO websites, within various sectors and businesses.

Our online leads are very targeted, and we can therefore always promise high-value traffic coming from our websites.

We work with plenty of different partners and deals. Working both with revenue share, CPAs and flat fees.





If you want to hire our services, you have any doubt or you have special requirements please fill in the contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly