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To translate your website, web-shop or other pages to another language is by far the easiest way to reach out new customers and markets. The content is already there, you just need someone to translate it for you. That’s where we step in.

We are experts in several different languages and we´re happy to help you out with whatever translation work you are looking for, both big and small translation projects.

Currently we´re strong in Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and French languages so if you´re looking for any translation work within these languages, look no further – Epicorns will do the work for you!

If you´re still missing the content for your website or campaigns, we can both create this for you, but also translate it to other languages. For uniquely written content, check out our Content Services.

Translation Services Epicorns


Our translation services fall within the below listed languages and variations, note that the translation services is always available both ways.

seoservices_tickimg English Spanish – 0,07€/word

seoservices_tickimg English Catalan – 0,10€/word

seoservices_tickimg Spanish Catalan – 0,10€/word

seoservices_tickimg Spanish Portuguese – 0,10€/word

seoservices_tickimg English Swedish – 0,20€/word

seoservices_tickimg Spanish Swedish – 0,20€/word

seoservices_tickimg Spanish Finnish – 0,20€/word

seoservices_tickimg English Finnish – 0,25€/word

seoservices_tickimg Swedish Finnish – 0,30€/word

Other Services

Our above listed translation services are only a small part of our business but still very important, that´s why we´re able to provide fast, affordable and good translations in many different languages.

In addition to various different translations we´re also happy to produce uniquely written content to match your business needs, or to help you with the search engine optimization (SEO), web development, graphic design or even driving leads to your websites.

Contact us for more information about all our online marketing services.

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