Wordpress Websites Speed Up and Performance Optimization

How do we speed up and make your website perform great

We will apply different techniques in order to show Google and your users that your website is fast and very reliable.

gtmetrix screenshots
epicorns pagespeed

Which specific things are we applying to your site in order to make it fast

Our skilled team will use their knowledge to fix all the points exposed here:
-Server migration to Lightspeed server (latest technology)
-Email migration
-Leverage browser catching with LS Cache
-Gzip compression
-Inline small CSS
-Minify HTML
-Minify Javascript & CSS
-Optimize the order of styles and scripts
-Optimize and compress images
-Enable keep-alive
-Make fewer HTTP requests
-Activate LazyLoading for images

How much is the cost?

The cost will depend in your actual performance and the amount of pages that your website have (how big is the website).
Don’t hesitate and send as an e-mail so we will check up your website and we will send you a quote for free.

Epicorns Contact

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